Video Review: Willow “Whip My Hair”

Students, wearing white uniforms, take a drink in unison as they sit in cafeteria. Willow Smith, wearing a blue shirt and orange pants, carries a boombox as she walks in the cafeteria. The students watch her as she turns on the boombox and undoes the heart-shaped hair. She whips her hair.

Orange paint from the hair colors the table while the chairs become blue. A young man stands on a table. A second young man grins as his hoodie changes to an algae green. The students cheer as red paint coats the wall.

Against an aqua background, she and several dancers perform a routine. She dances by herself.

The students dance in the cafeteria.

A teacher walks with a notepad as the students, in their white uniforms, stand by their lockers. Smith and her friends dance. She changes the lockers to blue.

She whips her hair in a white room. Her hair splatters paint over the walls.

The janitor smiles as he mops the hallway while the Smith and the students dance behind him.

She walks into a classroom and dances by the teacher’s desk. Students throw papers and dance.

A 5-year-old girl dances in the cafeteria.

Rating: 3/5

Willow Smith handed the note from her teacher to her mother. Her mother shook her head as she read her daughter’s hair violated the rules. Willow says she’s going to have to get it cut or she’s going to be kicked out of school. Her mother tells her they are not touching her hair and she’s going to talk to the principal in the morning.

In the principal’s office, her mother says that her daughter shouldn’t be discriminated against for her hair. She has earned the grades to be attending the school. The principal says they’ll take it to the board. Her mother says she’s going to hear from her lawyer.

Smith dances in the cafeteria. Her classmates listen as she tells them they can be themselves. They are individuals and should be treated as such. She says she’s not going to change her hair and entire personality. The teacher announces her resignation and says the school is holding her back.

With her lawyer present, the school board reverse their decision to expel Smith. They note some changes are going to have to be made. Multiple parents threatened to pull their students out of school after Smith’s incident. They will be revisiting the dress code and diversity their choice of classes.

Director: Ray Kay Year: 2010

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