Video Review: Kimberley Locke “Coulda Been”

Kimberley Locke, wearing low-cut top and white pants, stands against a background with stenciled letters in red, white and blue. 

Against a stenciled background painted in lime green and yellow, a young man dances. 

Wearing a low-cut black top, she stands against a stenciled yellow background, which says some of the lyrics written in royal blue.

Several men dance on against the stenciled background, which says “coulda been” and matches the floor. 

She sits on a teal couch, in the low-cut top and white pants, with a second young man. She pushes the second young man’s hand away. 

Wearing a dark teal top and black jeans, she walks into the lavender “three’s a crowd” room and talks with a third young man. The third young man sits on his amplifier and answers his cellphone to talk to Tiffany. She takes his phone away from him and tosses it. 

She dances with the men against the “coulda been” background. 

Against an orange swirled background, she talks with a fourth young man, standing by his motorcycle. She drives off in his motorcycle. 

She dances with the four men against the “coulda been” background.  

The second young man dances by himself and splits his pants. 

A fifth young man plays basketball while she stands off to the side, wearing a bubblegum pink hat. She walks up to him and waves goodbye to him. 

She dances with the five men. 

Rating: 1/5

Kimberely Locke deletes a voicemail from the third young man. He had told her he finished touring and would like to get together to talk. She had burned the merchandise she bought after she found out he had been cheating on her with multiple women. There were no second chances. 

The second young man had been arrogant and expected her to drop everything for him. She had run into him at the mall and he told her he regretted ignoring her. She shook her head and told him it was too late. He had a year to realize he was selfish and get it together. He wasn’t ever going to change. 

The fifth young man, though, was obsessed with basketball. Every weekend was spent watching games on television. Sometimes during the week, she cheered for him while he played on a local team. He stops to talk to her at the gym and says he’s been thinking about her. She walks off the treadmill and says it was good to see him. However, she wasn’t interested in dating again. He shuffles his feet and says goodbye. She sits on the bench and puts her head into her hands. He was a good guy. However, he had to grow up. There was potential there for a long-term relationship. She hopes he’ll talk to her again. He was the only she had dated she missed. 

Director: Urban Storm Year: 2005

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