Video Review: Selena Gomez “Look At Her Now”

Standing against a mauve background, Selena Gomez wears a Fendi top. 

Dressed in white tank tops and black pants, several young women and Gomez lean against the arches within the dome. It shines in royal blue and flashes to a hot pink as they dance.

They continue to dance with lime green and orange arches behind her. The colors rotate from kiwi to scarlet as she wears a sparkly minidress. 

Rating: 2.5/5

Selena Gomez sits in the front of the runway during Fashion Week. She tells her assistant which outfits she prefers. It has been the first event she has been to in a while since she got sick. She had been up to it and dealing with personal issues. However, she was doing better and wanted to spend her money on a gorgeous outfit. 

But she missed music and being on tour. Her manager told her she’ll talk with the record company. The record company welcomed her back and asked her about her plans. She explained she wanted to tell her story. She wanted it to be personal and stylish. She suggested some names and said she’d like to work with them. 

As she learns the dance routine, the choreographer tells her she can take a break whenever she needs. She asks for an extra five minutes. The choreographer mentions he was so glad to receive the call for the job. He says he was worried about her. Gomez hugs him and says she was scared she wouldn’t be able to come back. 

While watching her numbers skyrocket on streaming, she bursts into tears. People hadn’t forgotten about her. They still wanted to listen to her. Her assistant reads her positive messages on her social media and tells her it’s okay to look, if she wants. Gomez reads the posts and thanks her fans for their support. 

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2019

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