Video Review: Surface “Shower Me With Your Love”

Bernard walks with his arm around his date in her neighborhood. He gives her a hug and kisses her on her doorstep.

Lit in powder blue, he falls asleep on the bus.

Back at her home, she sits on her bed and rubs her feet. She brushes her hair in front of the mirror and ties her robe. 

Lit in powder blue, Bernard, David and Pic perform in a small venue. 

Bernard gets off the bus. David and Pic pay their check at the diner and leave. She walks around her neighborhood and leans against a building. She walks into a car, which drops her off at a flower shop. She picks out a bouquet and walks. She buys tickets at the venue. 

Bernard spots her as she walks inside. He sings directly to her as she stands in the first row. She tosses her bouquet. Bernard leads her to the stage as petals fall over them.

Rating: 4/5

Bernard thought the relationship was going well. He and the young woman hardly ever ran out of conversation. He was thinking of her asking to be his girlfriend. It had been about two months and his friends were wanting to meet her. However, he opted to wait until after the show to have the discussion. 

In her bedroom, the young woman had accidentally called Bernard her boyfriend on the phone with one of her friends. Her friend told her she had to show him how she felt.She responded that it was a good idea. He had a show and perhaps she could do something then. It had crossed her mind that he believed their relationship was casual and she would humiliate herself. 

Bernard introduces her to his bandmates in the dressing room. David and Pic told the young woman that he’s been talking about her nonstop. She blushes and says he has mentioned them, too. David says they were going to get something to eat after the show and that she should come along. She says that she knows of some places they could go. Bernard tells her to decide and assures her don’t worry about the cost. She suggests an expensive restaurant she’d always wanted to try. Bernard says they’ll go there and says to give them about 15 minutes. She sits in the dressing room and waits.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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