Video Review: Donna Lewis “Without Love”

A silver foiled wrapped present flies in the air. It lands on the forest floor. A ray of sunlight hovers over it.

Donna Lewis plays her guitar in the forest.

She clutches the foil. She tears the paper and throws it by a tree. Sitting on top of the box, she unties the ropes.

A hand moves on a large clock. Violet smoke wafts into the trees.

While the sun sets, she throws pieces of paper out of the box.

Lit in cornflower blue, a bride and groom cake decoration sits on the clock.

A yellow squirt gun bounces from the limb of a tree. A golden light streams by a cave. A fork is stuck to a rock. The wind blow the leaves, which were covering a cane. A pair of sunglasses hang on a branch.

She stands on a rock and opens the box. Holding the cover, she climbs inside.

Rating: 2/5

The bride and groom stand together, smiling. Donna Lewis averts her gaze from the cabinet and glances at her snoring husband. She wraps the blanket over him and walks to the bathroom to brush her teeth. The house didn’t seem to be hers anymore. It belonged to whoever he was dreaming about now. She touched the wallpaper in the bathroom and remembered when they picked it out. She thinks of the design she may want for herself.

Turning off the faucet, she pushes away the thoughts of her numbered days and gets into bed. Their 4-year-old boy runs into the family room with his squirt gun and laughs as he aims at his dad. Her husband yells at him to go to back to bed. Their son cries as he carries back into bed and growls for him to stay there. Lewis recoils in bed. He walks to the bed and says her son doesn’t know how to behave. She looks down at the sheet and says she’s going to talk to him.

She strokes their son’s hair as he asks why daddy doesn’t want to play anymore. She explains to him that daddy’s tired and that she’ll take him to the zoo tomorrow. He face lights up and says he really wants to see the bears. He asks if daddy will be coming, too. She says daddy might have to work but they’ll go and have a fun day together. He gives a kiss and says “goodnight, mommy. I love you.” She kisses him and tells him she loves him, too.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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