Video Review: Nick Jonas “Jealous”

Nick Jonas rides motorcycle on one of the televisions stacked together. He passes a sign, saying “Leaving Childhood.” A billboard reads “Grattitude.”

In black-and-white, he plays basketball with a young man on the screen next to it.

Below, he walks down the street. Painted on a building is “don’t panic.”

Back in black-and-white, he sings into a microphone while he performs in his apartment.  A young woman (Olivia Culpo) plays the violin on another screen.

She peeks at the young men lifting weights as she sits in the chair on the beach. He hits a punching bag at the gym and climbs a mountain. A second young woman stands in a stockroom while a seventysomething counts out money for her. A sixtysomething woman plays the piano in the clouds. Jonas leans against the piano and smiles. He sits next to her and plays.

In black-and-white, the young woman holds the cello as she stands in the clouds.

Back in color, the young woman walks over to Jonas and throws up her arms at him as he plays the piano with the sixtysomething woman. The young man dunks over Jonas multiple times on the court. The young woman stands on a balcony and opens a bottle of champagne. Jonas runs on the Brooklyn bridge.

Jonas drives a taxi. He gestures for the young woman and her boyfriend to get into the backseat. The young woman sits in the front seat with him.

Violet fireworks go off in the sky as Jonas performs in black-and-white. He and the young woman dance on both sides.

Against a teal background, multiple versions of Jonas and the young woman dance.

Back in black-and-white, he continues to sing into the microphone in the apartment.

Rating: 2/5

There was always a man around the young woman. The young woman giggles as a young man talks with her at the counter. Nick Jonas clears his throat and introduces himself as the young woman’s boyfriend. The young man apologizes and says it was good talking to her. The young woman asks him what that was about. Jonas replies that he didn’t like the way he was looking at her. She shakes her head and says they were just talking. Jonas tells her no man wants to just talk.

Jonas turns off his phone at the gym. He really doesn’t want to talk her to right now. She posted another private photo of them online. He punches the bag. The trainer tells him to hold back a little and that he’s being too aggressive. He nods and says he’s sorry. He explains that he’s thinking of every man commenting on how hot she is on her social media. The trainer asks him if they have talked about social media. He says yes but she does what she wants anyway.

He talks with the sixtysomething and asks where she trained. She says she took lessons for years and was accepted into a music school. But she couldn’t afford to go. He says he can hook her up with some people. The young woman demands to know what is going on. Jonas replies, “are you serious right now?” The young woman tells the sixtysomething woman he’s not paying for her medicine or whatever. Jonas tells the sixtysomething woman goodbye.

He asks her what’s wrong. She says he didn’t like him talking with her. He says she was a lonely old lady, that’s all. She says it’s just so hard with him being a pop star. She adds that everyone wants him. He puts his arm around her waist and kisses her. She whispers there’s so many other young women he could love. He continues to kiss her and says they should go to the bedroom.

Directors: Peter Tunney & Ryan Pallotta Year: 2014

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