Video Review: Saweetie “My Type (Claws Remix)”

A spotlight shines on a throne chair on a stage. Lit in cerulean, Saweetie walks to it and flips her hair.

Desna (Niecy Nash) sits on the throne chair. Saweetie stands by the throne chair and claps her hands with two dancers. Desna brushes money from her hand.

Virginia (Karrueche Tran) opens a large violet fan and waves it in her face as she sits in the chair. Quiet Ann dumps money on the chair and throws the suitcase behind her. Polly (Carrie Preston) blows a kiss. Jennifer (Jenn Lyon),  Virginia, Quiet Ann and Polly stand by Desna. Desna throws money and smiles.

Saweetie sips her drink and runs her finger along the glass.

Jenn pours a glass of champagne into the glass. Polly knocks over a house of cards. Virginia sucks on a lollipop.

The dancers wave money over Saweetie as she lies in the chair.

Saweetie raises her arm as the Claws logo appears in the background.

Rating: 3/5

The ladies of Claws are ready to slay for the third and latest season. Desna is a total boss and the one people fear. She won’t let anyone get between her and her money. You’ll be hashtagging #VirginiaWears with each and every outfit of Virginia’s. Shhh…..we can’t tell anymore, though. Your heart will break.  But here is an affliate link to click to find some of her outfits.

Keep calm and listen to Polly. She’s going to be provide motivational inspo to post on your ‘Gram and teach you how to maintain a low profile. She’s going to surprise you, though. She’s more than the voice of the reason. She’s the one who inspires her friends.

Bottle service, baby! Jennifer’s planning to have lots of fun this year. However, will it distract her? #UhohJennifer. Crime and champagne are two major weaknesses. Will it change her? Will Jennifer get in trouble? Find out and much more of what these Qweens are capable of this season.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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