Video Review: Keyshia Cole “I Should Have Cheated”

Keyshia Cole sings into the microphone in the recording studio. The producer nods his head as he listens to her behind the glass wall.

Back at home, her boyfriend sleeps in their bed. She walks down the hallway to their apartment. In the family room, she bumps into the garbage can. She picks up some clothes and a pair of his jeans. Sticking out of the pocket, she sees two tickets. She tilts her head and sits on the chair.

She talks with some friends at a restaurant. Her boyfriend walks with his arm around a young woman. Her best friend spots them and calls Cole on her phone and lets her know. Her boyfriend and the young woman get inside his car. The young woman nuzzles his cheek. He answers his phone and gestures for the young woman to be quiet.

Cole talks to him on the phone and smiles. Her friend asks her what’s wrong. She answers “nothing.”

In the family room, she smashes his keys on table with her shoe.

He sits on the couch, playing with two pool balls in his hands. She opens the door and tells him to leave. As she turns a page in her book, his phone buzzes. She puts it down and sees that it’s Ericka. She tells Ericka not to call anymore. Her boyfriend walks in and she confronts him. She throws his phone against the wall. His things burn in the garbage can while she stands by the window.

The sprinklers spray water over him, startling him and waking him up. He walks into the family room and yells at her. She pulls at his shirt and takes his hands off her waist. He watches as she walks away. She walks to the rooftop and looks down. He stands next to her.

She continues to record in the studio.

Rating: 4/5

Keyshia Cole didn’t want to believe that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She ignores the call from her best friend. Her best friend was jealous and wanted her to be miserable. But the doubt lingered in her mind. Her best friend had called her several times and she hung up on her each time. There was nothing from her she wanted to know.

She and her boyfriend, though, did fight a lot. However, it was just how they communicated. They shouted at one another and made up not long afterwards. She couldn’t stay mad at him for long. Some of her friends had told her they can stay with her if case something happens. She says she won’t let it. He’ll be in the hospital first before even he even touches her.

The two tickets, though, were on the same night her best friend called and told her she saw him with someone else. It was true. She finds things of his in the family room and burns them in the garbage can. As the sprinklers go off, he asks her what she’s doing. She tells him to leave her alone. He says he loves her and she walks away.

On the rooftop, he explains that the young woman didn’t mean anything to him. It was a moment of weakness. She says she needs time. Back in the apartment, she calls up her best friend and apologizes. Her best friend offers her a place to stay. She says she’ll be there in a few hours.

Director: N/A Year: 2005

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