Video Review: The Chainsmokers “Push My Luck”

In black-and-white, Drew kneels on the stage and picks at his thumb.

Against a black background, a young woman, wearing a black, sequined dress, turns in a circle on stage. As she turns, her sequins and hair flare from her body.

Back in black-and-white, Alex nods at Matt while they play on stage. Drew dances by them. He points to his brain as the young woman twirls.  He stands on an amplifier.

Leaning back, he stares up at the ceiling while he turns. The young woman stands on a platform.

In black-and-white, Drew continues to dance. The young woman’s body blurs into her silver sequins and long hair.

Rating: 1/5

Drew punches in at his job and talks with his friend. They chat about their weekend. His friend whispers “don’t tell anyone, but I got a new job.” He tells him congratulations and opens the program on his computer. As he types, he thinks he would like to work somewhere else. Perhaps move up. However, he’s been at his job for 3 years now. He has made a lot of friends there.

On his break, he puts in a few applications. Two weeks later, a hiring manager calls him and schedules an interview. He calls into work and practices asking interview questions around the house. After the interview, he decides to stop at the grocery store.

He watches his friend clean out his desk. His friend hands him some extra office supplies and tells him they’ll have to get together. He shakes his hand and says he’s going to miss having him around. While on lunch, he checks his voicemail. It’s the hiring manager, telling him to give them a call back. Drew deletes it. He has a good job with decent benefits. He’s going to be getting a raise soon. The new job could be a step down. He opens the door of the employee entrance and sits back at his desk.

Director: Steven Sebring Year: 2019

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