Video Review: Meat Loaf “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)”

Written on the screen is: “I have traveled across the universe through the years to find her. Sometimes going all the way is just a start.”

While the sun sets, the police chase Meat Loaf in their car and on motorcycles. A helicopter flies above him. It continues into the night. Meat Loaf disappears as he rides into his castle. Wearing his vampire face, he watches the police get out of their vehicles. Two police officers walk into the foyer and search with their flashlights. Meat Loaf turns towards the sound. A chandelier falls onto the one of the officers, killing him.

Meat Loaf runs into the forest. He hangs his hand on the tree. Changing to daytime, he peers through the bushes and sees a young woman (Dana Patrick) sitting by the fountain. She sees a flash in her mirror and turns around. Loaf puts a necklace on a tree. It returns to nighttime as he runs back to the castle.

She walks in the forest during the day. It changes to nighttime as she gets closer to the castle.

Loaf sits in a throne chair in a candle-lit room. Staring into his drink, he sees a reflection of her in the liquid. The young woman walks into the room. He slides his chair and hides. She warms her hands by the fire as he looks into the mirror. He sees his human face. She falls asleep in the throne chair.

She takes a bath. The police place the crime scene tape by the foyer. She sits in bed as several women touch her body. He sits in the corner. Walking with his cane into the hallway, he looks into the mirror. Seeing his face, he destroys the mirror. She searches for him throughout the house. He sings to her while she levitates in bed.

The spell breaks as the police enter the castle. He takes the young woman and hides in another room. She touches his vampire face and hugs him. He puts his head on her shoulder and changes back to his human face. They disappear and ride into the sunset on his motorcycle. The police continue to search the castle.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman touched her neck and pleaded with Meat Loaf to sire her. Meat Loaf shakes his head and says he cannot give her his cursed life. She says they could be together through the centuries. He says she’s a pure human and he couldn’t let the evil corrupt her. She says he could help her and teach her to resist. He tells her he never wanted to be good until he met her. She’s his lost heart and conscience.

He once killed without a thought. As people begged for him to spare their lives, he could only listen to their blood in their veins. However, he saw a young woman crying in the back of the store. Leaving the clerk’s body, he walked to the stock room. He puts his ear to the wall and heard the young woman breathe. Her whispered prayer chilled him. He looked up to the sky and realized God was listening. He spoke to God and asked for forgiveness.

In the morning, he woke up, ashamed of himself and hungry. As he passed by the humans, he felt their pain and cowered. It was too much to take. He fed off scraps from the hospital’s disposal cans. The young woman had seen him and had helped him get up. He looked her and thanked her. She told him to be careful on the way home. He decided he had to have her.

He had followed her for months until he gave her his necklace. She had found him on her own. However, he feared she would want nothing to do with him once she knew he was demon. But she accepted him for who he was. It had occurred to him she would want to be immortal. He puts his mouth on her neck. He could lose her if he didn’t turn her. It was the only choice he had left.

Director: Michael Bay Year: 1993

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