Video Review: Summer Walker & Bryson Tiller “Playing Games”

Summer Walker sits on her bed, watching the train go by in the night sky.

In the dark, she runs her hand over her pants as she sits on her chair, talking on the phone. She stares at the young man, hanging from her ceiling.

She watches the playback on the surveillance cameras with a second young man. She sits on his lap and kisses him.

At the door, she peers through the peephole and sees a third young woman, holding a bouquet of flowers. She scoffs and walks away. In the kitchen, she chops up some vegetables. She turns around and throws the knife at the wall. The fourth young man stands against the wall, the knife over his arm. She takes out the knife from the wall.

Lit in midnight blue, she touches her ponytail as she looks in the mirror in the bathroom. She turns and sees a fourth young man sitting in the bathtub. He sinks underneath the water, the rubber ducks floating over him.

Wearing a bra and panties, she sits on her bed and plays a video game on her television.

Rating: 5/5

The young man grins at her as she walks to the register. She gives the cashier her clothes. The young man walks up to her and asks her how she’s doing. She stands with her hands on her purse and tells him “excuse me” as she takes out her credit card. He says “that’s okay. I just need a minute.” He follows her to the elevator. She gives him a fake phone number and walks to the next store.

In class, she asks the second young man for the notes. She had missed the last class. He asks her out for coffee while she waits for him to get his notes together. She tells him it’s not a big deal and says she’ll talk to the professor. Her phone buzzes as she talks with the professor. It’s her ex-boyfriend, apologizing for being a jerk. She deletes the messages.

Back at home, she gives her neighbors some notebook papers and folders. He tells her that it’s generous of her. She says she had lying it around and wasn’t using it. He wants to know if he could come over and they could talk. She says that it would be nice but she has to study for an final exam.

Some of the men were okay. However, she didn’t want to get involved with anyone. She was working and going to school. There was no time. The men, though, didn’t care. They felt entitled to her time. Her ex-boyfriend had led her on and she almost let him move into her apartment. But she realized he was constantly moving from place to place. It wouldn’t be their place. It would be somewhere to crash for him with sex added to it. She decided right then to stay single until she graduated college.

Director: Christine Yuan Year: 2019

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