Video Review: Kelly Osbourne “Papa Don’t Preach”

Kelly Osbourne takes clothes off the rack at the store. She picks out some shoes. In the dressing room, she tries on a jacket and dances.

She sings into a microphone and the doors of the dressing room slide on the floor. On stage, she sings in the center. Behind three squares, her guitarist (lit in blue), drummer (hot pink) and second guitarist (canary yellow) play their instruments.

She dances against a red tinsel curtain. A chandelier hangs on the a darkened stage as she continues to dance. Men take her hand as she walks down some steps.

She runs her hand on a hot pink beaded curtain stage while men lie on the stage and kick up their legs. She dances on stage by herself while people shake their arms in the front row.

Two men dance behind her as she sits on a bench.

Hot pink balloons bounce by her as she dances by the red tinsel curtain.

Back the bench, she gets up and sticks out her tongue.

Rating: 1/5

Kelly Osbourne touches her abdomen as she walks through the store. She can’t wait to meet her baby. At her doctor’s appointment, he told her she was 3 months along. When her doctor excused himself, her boyfriend proposed her. She told him yes. They were the only two who knew.

However, her brother suspected something was wrong. He kept asking her why she was so sick all the time. She yelled at him to mind his own business. He mouthed “are you pregnant?” She glared at him and shut the bathroom door.

She twirls a strand of her hair as she talks to a young man. Even though they had gotten engaged, they had decided on an open relationship. Both were too young to be tied down forever. However, the marriage would please both sets of parents. It would be doing the right thing.

Her mom asks her about the ring as they watch television. She sits up straight on the couch and tells her family she has some news. She says she’s going to have a baby. Her parents gasp. Her brother proclaims that he knew it. She adds she and her boyfriend are getting married. She puts her hand in her mom’s lap and says she has a venue already picked out. She spoke to them but they require a $7,500 deposit. Her dad says they have to talk to it over. She stands up and tells her dad that he’s not going to have any say in their lives. They are going to do what they want.

At the stores, she talks with the sales clerk as she registers items for the engagement and baby showers. She asks specific questions about the products and points to the junior’s clothing aisle. She asks the clerk to find some clothes for her. The sales clerk mentions her sizes may be limited and suggests the maternity section. Osbourne stomps her foot and demands she has another person help her. The sales clerk says she’ll find someone. Osbourne taps her foot as she waits.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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