Video Review: Dua Lipa “Don’t Start Now”

Lit in royal blue, Dua Lipa, wearing a Versace bra top and Marni jeans, grabs hold of a camera and pulls it to her as she exits a club.

In the bottom left hand corner, a message reads: “5 Hours Earlier…” Lipa hold hands with her best friends as they walk into the bar. She sings on stage.

Back in royal blue, she runs her hand over top as she dances in a group of people. The spotlight shines on her as she leaves. She smiles as she dances with a young man.

Walking down velvet red steps, she enters a masquerade party. She passes a man with a powdered wig and downs a glass of champagne. She dances with two young women. The Queen’s eye in the paintings dart back and forth. She watches as a painting of a duke checks her out. She walks down the circular velvet stairs.

She leans against the counter of the bathroom in the club. Her best friend stands next to her. She wipes her eye and cups water from the faucet in her hands. She washes her face and looks into the mirror.

She waves her finger as she dances in the scarlet lit hallway.

She and her best friends walk back onto the dancefloor.

Rating: 3.5/5

Dua Lipa turns around as she stands at the bar. It was her ex-boyfriend, gesturing to the door and asking if they could talk. Lipa takes her drinks and tells him she can’t. She has people waiting for her. He tells her it’ll be a few minutes. She says she isn’t going to change her mind.

Her boyfriend puts his hand on her shoulder and wants to know if everything is okay. She explains she ran into her ex-boyfriend for the third time this month alone. He turns his head and says he won’t let him come near her. She slams her drink and tells her best friends she needs a minute.

In the bathroom, she cries. Her ex-boyfriend won’t give up. He hung around the bar and stared at her while she was at a masquerade party. She hadn’t expected to see him. During their relationship, he hardly attended her shows at the bar. The invite for the masquerade party would’ve been turned down for being pretentious.

The two young women dance with her and point out their ex-boyfriends in the crowd. They say everyone wants to be them. Her ex-boyfriend realized she was the valuable one and without her, he’s scrambling to climb the ladder again. She says she has to leave, though. It’s tough to see him. They tell her to come back next weekend.

Back at the club, she has to do something. She tells her ex-boyfriend she’ll talk to him and leads him outside. In the parking lot, she tells him there’s no chance of them getting back together. She says it’s no use trying to get back in her good graces again. He nods and walks away. One of her best friends tells her she handled it well. She brushes her hair away from her face and says she needs another drink.

Director: Nabil Year: 2019

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