Video Review: Jermaine Stewart “Get Lucky”

A young man dances in the rain on the sidewalk of the city. A young woman puts her jeans on in her bedroom. A group of people play a game by the side of a building. The young man walks to the woman’s door of her home and tries to open it. She lies in bed.

Jermaine Stewart walks on the sidewalk with a 10-year-old boy, dressed like him. Stewart gives the two other 10-year-old’s boys high-fives. He and the 10-year-old boy dance by a bar. A group of women perform a routine at a bar across the street.

He spins in a chair at the barbershop. The young woman combs her hair. Two young women dance by the building. One of the 10-year-old boys carries his boombox and places it underneath the barbershop window. Stewart and the men dance inside. The 10-year-old boys snap their fingers as they watch Stewart and the group of people dance in the street.

Stewart and the 10-year-old park the motorcycle at the curb of the young woman’s house. The young woman’s 10-year-old daughter sees them as she looks through the window. The 10-year-old boy press his hands on the window.

As Stewart dances by a window, two 10-year-old boys throw punches at each other in the background. A second 10-year-old girl watches the fight and cries.

Stewart sits in a chair and gets his shoes shined by the 10-year-old boy. The young woman dances in front of the mirror. She talks with Stewart in her bed.

Rating: 3/5

Jermaine Stewart tells the barber to trim his hair. The barber asks him he has any plans for the day. He explains he has plans with his girlfriend. His 10-year-old cousin jumps on the chair. He tells them to get down and read a book. His 10-year-old cousin sits down and gets a magazine from the table.

As they walk down the street, his 10-year-old cousin notices a spot on his shoes. His cousin says he can’t go on his date like that. Stewart sits in the chair and watches people cross the street. His cousin says he looks presentable now. They walk to his girlfriend’s house.

At his girlfriend, his 10-year-old cousin gives her 10-year-old sister a hug. Her 10-year-old sister calls out, “let’s go play!” Stewart grins and tells them to be careful. The young woman puts her arms around him and says it’s good to see him. She remarks that he looks handsome. He blushes and says he got a haircut. She says they can talk in her bedroom. As they talk, she peeks out the door and checks on the kids.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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