Video Review: Chris Brown “Back To Love”

In Paris France, Chris Brown leaves the hotel, photographers snap his picture and reporters call out questions to him. He nods and waves while he walks to his car. His driver asks him, “Where to, Mr. Brown.” He responds, “take me to the river.”

The car stops at a portal on the road. Brown gets out of the car and walks slowly to the portal. Raising his arms over his head, he gets vision of children dancing. The portal disappears and Brown begins to dance. Two 8-year-old boys hit drumsticks on a pile of buckets. He continues to dance by them.

In Uganda, the Triplets Ghetto kids dance.

Brown dances between the columns of a building.

Two other children’s dance troupes perform.

Wearing a varsity jacket, jeans and a Nike hat, he looks up at the Eiffel Tower.

In front of the buildings, multiple circular posts move up and down. Brown dances on the platforms.

Rating: 2/5

Chris Brown looks out the hotel window and sees the photographers. The hotel told him they had a back exit for him to use. However, he wanted to show them he had no reason to be ashamed. He hadn’t done anything wrong. While he walks onto the steps, he resists the urge to give the middle finger to the reporters and tell he’s innocent. However, his lawyer advised him to shut up.

His driver asks him if he notices any shining light. Brown tells him he’ll take a look at it. As he walks towards it, he sees it swirling. It gives him visions of children dancing in other countries. He decides to blow off some steam by dancing. The portal allows him some privacy, shielding him from any harm. The children he passes smile at him and he is free to enter any building.

He prefers the alternate universe. The children weren’t afraid of him and didn’t think of him as a bad man. It was a world without adults. He could do whatever he wanted. He moves further away from the portal and searches for a permanent spot. The portal was going to be locked.

Director: Chris Brown Year: 2019

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