Video Review: Keri Hilson, Kanye West & Ne-Yo “Knock You Down”

Keri Hilson floats over her bed. She lies on the bed, her head on the pillow.

Kanye West dances by the canvas in her apartment. Hilson puts her arms around his waist as he stands by the window. She sits on the bed as West paints a portrait of her. He rubs her shoulders and tilts her head.

She dances against an ivory background.

West drops his brushes as they kiss. In a split screen, they each touch the other person’s face. West breaks into thousands of pieces as he falls to the floor.

Ne-Yo puts his hand on his chain while he stands against a charcoal background.

She walks into a party at her house and talks with some friends. West explains his painting to the person next to him and spots Hilson. Ne-Yo walks towards her and links his arm with hers. She smiles as she puts her hand on Ne-Yo’s cheek. He hands her a glass of wine and they talk. Ne-Yo excuses himself and walks away.

In a split screen, Kanye West takes off his glasses while she looks down on the left. Continuing on the left, a rocket takes off. Hilson, wearing a varsity, stands against a wall in black-and-white. West switches to the right as a young man stands with his arms crossed on left.

West returns to the left. In black-and-left, West pretends to brush her face in her apartment on the right. Smoke fills both screens. West sits on the windowsill as a letter burns on the left.

Hilson listens as West demands to know what’s going on. He puts his hands on her arms as she cries by the painting. She puts her hands over her face as West and Ne-Yo stare down each other. She walks away from both of them.

She lands on her bed. In a split screen, she touches West and Ne-Yo’s faces, respectively.

Rating: 5/5

Keri Hilson picks up a puppy cookie jar and tells Ne-Yo she has to have it for their kitchen. Ne-Yo says it’s cute. She puts it in the cart. As they wait in line, she puts her head on his shoulder. He says he’ll help her pack tomorrow. She says she only has a few more boxes.

She stands on her tiptoes and tries to take down the portrait of herself, It was painted by her ex-lover, Kanye West. Ne-Yo had acknowledged the portrait and wouldn’t talk about it. Her affair with West was still a sore spot with them. It had been covered with a blanket ever since the party and she stopped talking to West. Ne-Yo had been the one who had hired him to paint her.

As she looks at the painting, she hopes West is doing well. He had been distraught once he realized there wasn’t going to be a relationship. Up until the party, he had been a prolific and in-demand artist. Ne-Yo walks up to the painting and says they’ll donate it to a local gallery. It’ll be some extra money for her. She says, with a crack in her voice, that it’ll be good. He stands on a ladder and takes down the painting.

Director: Chris Robinson Year: 2009

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