Video Review: Thomas Wesley & Cam “So Long”

On a farm, a rooster looks out of its cage. A horse licks Thomas Wesley’s cheeks. A pig walks around. He opens a beer. While he walks with the saddle, it slips from his hands and hits his ankle.

Cam sits in the back of a golf cart to the stage while at the Stagecoach Festival.

He and Guy Fieri drink beers at his tent. They pose for pictures. He talks with the fans behind the barrier. Two young women sit in lawn chairs and drink. Some women sit on their friend’s shoulders as they stand by the entrance.

Cam waves to people as she rides on the golf cart. He sits on the back of a golf cart and drinks.

A group of women line dance by the Ferris Wheel.

Wesley pretends to lasso in his trailer. A friend brings in some beer. They all drink from the side of the can. Cam wears a violet fringed cape as she walks around. At sunset, a young man and woman kiss near the Ferris Wheel. She rides the Ferris Wheel.

Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus pose with photos with Wesley.  In his trailer, he helps one of his dancers with her costume. He puts fixes his hair in the mirror and puts on his jacket.

On stage, he performs at the turntable. Cam waves to the crowd and smiles at Wesley. Lil Nas X and Cyrus perform. Wesley buttons up his shirt. He puts his arm around Cam as she walks by his booth.

Rating: 5/5

There was no such thing as slowing down. Thomas Wesley gulps down another beer. His friend hands him another. He thinks it’s about his fifth drink. Regardless of the number, he’d still be able function. Guy Fieri brings him some dinner before the show. He takes the plate and says he forgot to eat. He wanted to but couldn’t between photos and talking to fans. Fieri asks anyone if their hungry. Cam says she’ll have some brisket. Fieri calls his assistant and puts in the order. Fieri says someone will be by soon with food.

Cam bites into her brisket and tells Wesley there are some people here he should meet. She asks if he’s has any introductions to some industry people. He says he hadn’t a chance yet. She says he should talk to them at the after-party. He explains it’s such a different world from EDM. Cam says it takes some getting used to and she’s still learning herself.

Wesley presses the wrong button halfway through the show. He puts his head down and tries to balance himself. His forehead was throbbing. He shouldn’t have that extra beer before he went on stage. One of his band members mouths “are you okay?” He gestures that he needs to sleep. Cam thanks the crowd for the wonderful night. Wesley waves and says “thanks” in the microphone. As they walk off stage, he says he has to take a nap before the party. She says she’ll see him later.

Director: Brandon Dermer Year: 2019

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