Video Review: Ashley Tisdale “He Said She Said”

As the lights flash, Ashley Tisdale walk into the club. She and a young woman (Josh Henderson) stare at one another. His hand brushes her and he turns to look at her again.

With a spotlight on her, she dances alone against the brick wall of the club.

She takes a photo of him on her phone and smirks as he smiles at her.

She dances in the club.

Wearing a black strapless dress and leather jacket, she dances against an onyx background.

She sits at a table with some friends and texts the young man that she’s “in the VIP booth.” She and several people perform a routine.

He stares at her while she sits with her friends.

In the bathroom, she sprays bathroom on her neck.

Against a white background, she sits on a chair.

She frowns once she realizes he’s gone and brushes some hair from her face.

Rating: 2/5

Ashley Tisdale scoffs and says it doesn’t matter. Her sister tells there are plenty of guys wanting to go out with her. Tisdale insists she didn’t like him all that much, anyway. She taps her finger on her phone as she stares at his photo. Maybe one of his friends was in trouble and he had to leave early. She closes her phone and orders another drink.

She stumbles in the club and asks for another drink. Her sister gestures to the bartender not to give it to her. Tisdale says she could handle one more. Her sister says they have to get home. While her sister and her friend help her out of the club, she says that she’s an attractive young woman and that the guy should’ve at least talked to her. She wails that no one is going to love her. Her sister gives their friend her keys and says she’ll sit with Tisdale in the backseat.

In the backseat. Tisdale wonders a loud what’s wrong with her. Her sister tells her she’s a beautiful young woman and she’ll find a boyfriend some day. Tisdale mumbles she won’t and passes out. As they walk in the house, her sister and friend take her to the bedroom. Her sister whispers that her parents are going to kill her. Her friend says it was good that she was there and to call her tomorrow. Her sister nods and puts the blanket over Tisdale.

Director: Scott Speer Year: 2007

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