Video Review: Faith Evans, P. Diddy & Loon “You Gets No Love”

Faith Evans pulls up to the driveway of her boyfriend’s house and parks. Two young men, sitting on the couch on the lawn, wave to her. She pops her bubblegum and walks. She dances by the her car.

As she walks towards the door, she passes a third young man hanging his underwear on the clothesline. She tells some people on the stairs to leave while she unlocks the door.

In the bedroom, her boyfriend and his second girlfriend poke their heads out of the door. He runs out of the room, pulling up his pants and sits on the couch. She walks inside and looks around. He catches up her as she walks to the bedroom. She opens the bedroom door as his second girlfriend climbs out the window. She leaves the house.

She dances in the middle of the arcade. As she plays a pinball game, a third young man leans into her. She pushes him away.

She drives to a fast food restaurant and eats with her friends at a tables outside. They walk away.

She sits in the backseat of a convertible as her friend drives down Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. Several young women walk in the street as the cars bounce up and down in the lanes. She dances with the women.

Rating: 2.5/5

Faith Evans bites into a fry and explains his shirt was half off to her friends. She knew something was up. One of her friends calls him a sleaze. A second friend says she’s better off. She says he kept her from going into the bedroom. Evans throws up her hands and scoffs.

It had hurt, though. She had gone to the arcade to play pinball for an hour or two. Usually, the young men left her alone. However, one young man kept rubbing against her. She had told him she wasn’t interested. But it rattled her. Each game she played, the ball kept landing in the pocket less than a minute. She gave up and decided to meet with her friends.

Cruising down Crenshaw Bouleward, though, took her mind off things. She saw some of her old neighbors and talked with them. She danced between the lanes like she did as a teenager. It was the most fun she had in awhile. She checks the time and tells her friends she has to go. They ask her to stay for a little bit longer. She says she can’t. They say it was great to see her and she makes plan to see them next weekend.

Director: Chris Robinson Year: 2001

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