Video Review: Travis Scott “Highest In The Room”

Travis Scott exhales as he looks up at the gray smoke in the night sky. He opens his mouth and the smoke travels past his tongue and into his throat.

He walks towards a melted building with a neon pink ring around it. Rows of men stand in lines and stare at the building while he heads for the entrance.

Scott’s head squashes the other men’s heads as it moves downward.

A masked man puts removes the hood over Scott’s head. The masked man, in a suit looks at his cohorts, as they stand in the hallway of the building and questions Scott. Scott, opens his mouth, which is hooked to strings attached to the ceiling.

Lit in scarlet red, a bug flies in a strip club. Scott wakes up on the floor while several young women dance on the pole. Some women dance around his head. The women pull at him as he holds the metal bug in his fingers. The elevator door opens and a young woman, wearing a red bra top and skirt, leans her hand against the door.

He sits in a chair in the elevator and puts on his sunglasses. The young woman welds a spot in his shoulder. He stands up, his eyes sparking.

While he walks on a the structure of a skyscraper, he punches a royal purple robot. His tennis shoe falls and the men below scramble for it. The robot breaks apart. He walks on a beam on the skyscraper. A cloud covers his face and he inhales.

Rating: 5/5

The public was warned not to inhale the smoke. Some people had taken to wearing masks. However, a majority of the population believed it was unfounded. Travis Scott, though, breathed in the smoke. The smoke had entered his lungs and fogged his brain.

The buildings in the city were deformed and tilted. He walked into a building with while dazed men stood outside. The men stayed quiet, waiting for a signal. He walked in and was grabbed by several men in suits. They had strung his mouth to the wall and demanded he divulge what he knows. Scott had been in the building once or twice for deliveries and never had a problem. He answers what he can. The toxicity of the smoke must’ve changed the men’s minds in the building.

As he walks on the skyscraper, his memories fade and are replaced with parental robots. The robots raise him and take him to school. They teach him to respect the machinery. Scott inhales more smoke, forgetting who he once was and joining the fight with the robots.

Directors: Dave Meyers & Travis Scott Year: 2019

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