Video Review: Donell Jones & Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes “U Know What’s Up”

At La Face Place, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes talks on the phone as the television plays. She gets up from the chair and turns the volume up. Sitting on chair, she watches Donell Jones sing in his video.

Usher talks with his girlfriend as she braids his hair on the couch. They watch the Jones video.

A young man says hello to the DJ as he walks into his apartment with two beers. The Jones video plays on the television. Several young women dance on a pole in a room. Big Boi fluffs his hair as he watches a young woman dance.

Lopes raps as she walks down the hallway.

Within the Jones video, he dances with a group of people at the party.

Jones watches the video with his girlfriend.

Rating: 1/5

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes taps her foot as she talks on the phone with one of her friends. After saying goodbye, she sits on the chair facing the television and watches it. She wasn’t sure who it was. However, she liked it. But she’ll have to find out who sang it later. She had errands to run.

Usher thinks Donell Jones is all right. His girlfriend says he’s kind of cute. Usher raises his eyebrows. His girlfriend says she wouldn’t turn it off if she heard it on the radio. Usher thinks it’ll be a hit and depending on well it does, he’ll ask him to be an opening act on his tour.

The song is drowned out in Big Boi’s room by the dance music. He watches the young women perform on the pole. Some of his friends wave dollar bills. He drinks a beer and says he thinks they are running out again. A friend says he found some more. He pauses at the television, nods at the video and calls out that he found out more beer.

Jones says he’s happy the video is finally out. He says his career is starting. His girlfriend puts her arms around and says she’s dating a pop star. He says the album’s done and it’ll be released soon. He comments that his life is going to get crazy fast. He adds that he promises to stay true to her.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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