Video Review: Kesha & Big Freedia “Raising Hell”

Lit Parisian blue, Kesha steps out of her  mansion and places her hand on the railing.

On television, dressed in a pink business suit, she preaches and touches a thirtysomething woman’s head as a gospel choir sings behind her. She sells bibles during an infomercial. People are urged to call right away. The ticker on the screen reads: “The first 100 callers will get a free blessing.” During her sermon, her husband sits in the chair and crosses his arms while she touches her skirt.

She cries as she sits at her vanity. Her husband enters the room, shouting at her. She stands up to face him and he slaps her.

In the church, during the televised service, she touches people’s heads and they fall to the ground.

She takes a bath.

She puts her hand on her cheek in front of the mirror and stares at her framed wedding photo on the table. Walking past the piano, she walks towards the couch and sits on her husband’s lap as he watches television. He pushes her off the couch. She tries to sit on his lap again. However, he pulls her up and puts his hands around her neck while she’s against the mantle. She screams and a vase falls. Breaking free, she hits him with the fire poker. He lies on the floor, blood spilling out of his head.

Slumped on the piano bench, she sits and stares. She drags her husband’s body to her car and puts him in the trunk. In the motel bathroom, she cuts her hair and dyes it black. Sitting on the bed, she drinks as she watches the last episode of her show.

She makes a hard right as the police chase her.

A family watches the police chase on television. The mother prays.

A police officer instructs to get out of the car. She puts her hands up.

Rating: 5/5

Kesha crosses her legs as she smokes in the prison yard. The guard watches her as she walks around. Given her high-profile status, she had to be separated from the other prisoners. She flicks the ashes onto the pavement and looks at the field. The guard sneers at her and tells her she can’t cheat any more time out of her break. She puts out her cigarette and walks to the guard.

In the laundry room, she loads the uniforms during her shift. Her lawyer visits her and instructs her to settle the civil suit. She tells him to give her victims whatever they want. Her lawyer tells her she won’t ever get out of here if she continues to act guilty. She says she is guilty. Her husband, for the lovely cost of $500, promised his loyal viewers that they would get heaven if they contributed to his church. She helped develop the scheme and took the people’s money to make herself rich. The people deserve to have their money back.

She returns to her cell and reads the same novel for the fifth time. The guard turns off the lights and she closes her eyes.

Director: Luke Gilford Year: 2019

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