Video Review: Tina Arena “Heaven Help My Heart”

A young man plays the keyboard in Tina Arena’s home.

In black-and-white, Arena writes sheet music for a song at the piano.

The drummer plays as the producer sits at the sound board. A crew member puts the microphone in the stand.

Back in black-and-white, Arena sings into the microphone as she stands by the piano.

She plays the piano in the studio.

Back in black-and-white, she taps her heart and grips her fists.

She taps her hands on the piano and looks at her guitarist as she sings.

In black-and-white, she holds up one finger and smiles. She dances.

Rating: 2/5

Tina Arena drinks some honey as she hums the song. Her guitarist says they did a good job today and that the record company will like it. She explains it has to be better than good. It has to be mind-blowing. She explains she had a chance and turned it down. It has to work.

Arena reads the charts and listens to the radio. She writes down the trends she notices and makes notes in the last page of her notebook. As she gets up, she yawns. Glancing at the clock, she sees that it’s midnight. She rushes to get her nightgown and towels. There was another session tomorrow.

She meets with the producer and talks about her vision for her album. He says he talked with the label also and they mentioned she was hands-on. She nods and says that it’s true and says she had a negative experience before. The producer says he’s been a fan of hers since he first saw her on television and he believes in her ideas. She says it means a lot and stresses that she wants to be taken seriously as a singer. The producer assures he can help make that happen. She opens a page of her notebook and says she has some ideas she’d like to run by him. He says okay and listens to her for two hours.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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