Video Review: Tyga, J Balvin & Chris Brown “Haute”

A young man breathes fire in the darkness. Three young women, with leopard spots tattooed on their bodies, crawl on their platforms on stage.

Lit in electric blue, J Balvin and Tyga dance with a group of women in the club.

Tyga dance by an electric blue wall behind the stage. Three young women, lit in hot pink, dance in silhouette.

Back in the club, the light changes to infrared.

A young woman, wearing sunglasses, puts her finger in her mouth while against a highlighted copper background. Lit in electric blue, she tips her sunglasses

The young man creates a circle of fire around himself.

Balvin raps in the center platform on stage. Two young women dance on the platforms next to him.

Balvin and the women continue to dance outside. A second young woman twirls fire batons.

Flames burst from the bushes as Chris Brown stands with his arms folded across his chest. He dances.

Brown dances with the group of women outside the club. It rains on the women as they dance. Tyga puts his arm around one of the young women.

Rating: 1/5

J Balvin gives Tyga another drink. Tyga tells him it was a great performance. Balvin asks him about Chris Brown. Tyga says he hasn’t heard from him yet. Balvin tells him the place is theirs from the night. Tyga says he’ll take two of the women. Balvin laughs and says he can have as many as he wants.

Tyga took a sip of his drink as he watched Balvin speak to the bouncer. Balvin controlled the place as though he were the owner. Tyga had to admit it was one of the better clubs he’d been to. However, seeing Balvin get all the attention was bothering him a bit. The young women liked him but cared more about Balvin.

Chris Brown dances outside with some of the women. The women dance away from him. He orders a drink and searches for Tyga and J Balvin. He checks his phone for any texts from them but there’s nothing. He hangs out for an hour and calls his driver. It seemed pointless for him to be there. He sits at a table and waits.

Director: Tyga & Arrad Year: 2019

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