Video Review: Cascada “Because The Night”

Natalie wakes up in the hotel room and spots a rose on a plate placed on the the bed. She brings it to her nose and sniffs it.

Backstage, she holds a microphone. A young man stares at her as she walks to the stage. She looks at him as she walks to the stage. Her manager takes his hand off her back and she glances at him before going on stage.

She performs on stage. People dance throughout the stadium. Two male dancers join her on stage.

In the dressing room, she fixes her bangs and smiles as she sees another rose on a silver plate.

She talks to her manager as she walks backstage. The young man runs into her and they stare at one another. He continues to watch her as she leaves with her manager. His friends tell him to ” come on!”

She rests her head on her hand as she sits in the backseat of the car. In her dream, he kisses her backstage.

Back at the hotel, he slips something under her door. Carrying her purse, she stumbles on him. He sets his things on the table in her room. They kiss. In the morning, she puts the rose in her suitcase and walks to the lobby. On her phone, she reads a text message from the young man. He asks her if she wants to go to brunch. She smiles.

Rating: 4/5

The young man passes Natalie the ketchup at the hotel restaurant. She hits the bottle and laughs. He says he’ll help and pours a gob of ketchup on her hamburger. She cleans it off her plate and he apologizes. She says it’s not a big deal. He clears his throat and says he enjoyed last night with her. She grins and says she had a lovely time with him. He folds his hands on the table and explains that he’s liked her for a long time. She says she wanted to be with him.

While they walk to the plane, they hold hands and sit next to each other. Her manager raises his eyebrows and says “you’re together now?” She nods and says they want to keep it private for now. Her manager says he squash any rumors if someone sees them together.

In the hotel room of the next city, he rolls her suitcase to her door. She unlocks it and kisses her as they walk inside. On the bed, she says she’s been waiting to be with him. He kisses her ear and says he can’t believe he’s finally with her. She puts her hand on her forehead and says the tour is half over. They only have a two months of dates left. He squeezes her hand and says they’ll figure it out. She kisses him and says she wishes he were on the next leg of the tour.

Director: N/A Year: 2008

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