Video Review: Guy “Wanna Get With U”

At night, Teddy parks the car in the street. He sits in the backseat with Damion and Aaron. They talk to some women who dismiss them.

Wearing blue blazers and pants, they dance against the background of a golden frame on stage.

They stand together in the street and watch the people dance.

A young woman licks Aaron’s finger as they stand in the street.

They perform on the sidewalk. Damion plays the piano while Aaron and Teddy sing.

Teddy wears a clock while on stage. Damion throws money.

A shirtless Teddy dances with the group of people. Aaron and Damion join him.

Rating: 2/5

Teddy sits in the backseat and says none of the women want to to talk to them. Aaron says he’s going to keep trying. Damion suggests some of women may be shy. Teddy waves to one of the women but she shrugs her shoulders. Aaron nods and says she’s definitely not interested. Damion says they may have the wrong impression of them and says they could perform for them and give them a private concert.

The group of people dance as they perform. Some men twist and pirouette to get their attention. One woman approaches Teddy and says he has a good voice. She dances on the sidewalk. A few people come over and join her.

Teddy takes the young woman’s hand and dances with her. Aaron and Damion try to learn the routine. One of the men takes them aside and teaches it to them. A second young woman introduces herself and apologizes for ignoring him earlier. Aaron says they are going to go the bar, if anyone wants to go.

A caravan of cars follow them to the bar. At the counter, the dancers chat with Aaron, Teddy and Damion. Damion orders a round of drinks on the house for the group. A young man pats him on the shoulder and says he’s had fun getting to know him.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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