Video Review: Katy Perry “Harleys In Hawaii”

Wearing a leather jacket and a helmet, Katy Perry rides a motorcycle in Hawaii.

She wades in the hotel pool.

Her boyfriend rides behind her. They park at a bar. She sips on her drink while a some people throw punches at each other. Taking off her jacket, she sings on stage as her boyfriend sits at one of the front tables.

She and two of her friends watch their boyfriends in the water.

In a one-piece red bathing suit, she caresses her boyfriend’s hair as they sit on the sand. They hug.

Lit in candy red, she plays the guitar the hotel while two friends jump on the bed. She smashes the guitar. Giggling, she looks up at her friends as eats Cheetos. A friend of hers swings a hula hoop around her hips.

She and her boyfriend lie in bed together, cuddling.

She puts her arms around his waist as he rides the motorcycle.

At night, they kiss in the forest.

Rating: 3/5

Katy Perry holds her boyfriend’s hand as they walk on the sand. She whispers to him she wants to go back to the hotel room. He smiles and says “again?” She says that their friends will understand. They wave goodbye and she leans into him as they walk.

As they lie in bed, he says it’s been a fantastic vacation. She puts his head on his shoulder and says she wishes they could come back once a month. He squeezes her hand and says they’ll plan for next year. She says she’s in love with him. He kisses her on the forehead and calls Hawaii their place.

At the bar, she slurs that she wants to sing to him. He sits up front and claps for her as she starts to sing a romantic ballad to him. She rubs his hair and dances walks to the table. He cheers as she hits the high note. She sits on his lap and tells him she loves him.

As they pack, she kisses him on the lip and puts her hands on his shoulders. He puts his hands on her hips and says they are going to be late for their late. She says it doesn’t matter as they fall to the bed. The phone rings as they kiss. She hears a loud knock and covers herself. One of her friends says that it’s time to go. They call out that they will be right there.

Director: Manson Year: 2019

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