Video Review: Meek Mill “Trauma”

A 10-year-old looks at a framed photo of his father and writes a letter to him.

Meek Mill raps in the mirror. Wearing a coat, he stands in the back of a house. A sign on the fence reads: ‘You shall reap what you sow.” Mill and the 10-year-old boy sit together in the garage.

Several police cars survey the crime scene on the sidewalk as the lights flash from their vehicle in the street.

As an adult, he wears a black mask while he runs on the street. A friend of his points his gun. He stands on the corner with his friends.

As a an adult, his father and friends smoke while they play a game of dice in his apartment. He lifts up his dinner and reaches to open the door of the microwave. He walks down the stairs. His mother cries as she sits on the chair.

As an adult, he sees a young man’s bloodied hand on the sidewalk. A white sheet covers the body. He lies in on his bed, staring up at the ceiling.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young man stands with his hands handcuffed and listens to the judge in the courtroom. The judge sentences him to 20 years. The young man walks with the guard back to his cell. He reads a letter from his daughter. She says she’s doing well in school and invites him to come to Thanksgiving. He rubs his hand over his face and tucks the letter in his pocket. It was the same words he once wrote to his father when he was a child.

There was no escaping jail. He visited his father during the holidays and almost every weekend as a child. His aunt usually took him. He had asked him mother to come each time. His aunt explained she needed her sleep. After a visit, he couldn’t wake her up. He had touched her arm and she was cold. He screamed for his aunt until the landlord came to the door and found him sobbing.

His aunt tried. She grounded him whenever he skipped school. However, he shrugged it off and met up with his friends. His aunt told him he was going to ruin his future. There was no point to taking the tests. He knew his future. It was on the street, trying to make some money.

He no longer cared after his mom passed away. Although he loved his aunt, she wasn’t his mom. His aunt had threatened to kick him out and said his mother would be disappointed in him. He packed up his things and moved in with his girlfriend. Once his daughter was born, he had to step up and provide her a better life. His girlfriend left him, telling him he choose drugs over his family. He ended up living with his aunt again. His aunt told him to be careful when he went out for the night. He told her he’d be home later and hoped it would be true.

Director: Will Ngo Year: 2018

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