Video Review: MAX & Felly “Acid Dreams”

Ryan sits at his desk in the art class, listening to music on his headphones. His nameplate, made from Scrabble pieces, reads Mr Suave Yung Blanc. Joel shows his teacher his unfinished canvas. Felly lifts a lizard in his hand while liquid bubbles in two beakers on his desk. Emily smiles by her painting. MAX stares in the distance as paints.

Jade disrobes in the class. MAX turns his head as he looks at her body. Felly reads his book and drops the liquid in his eye. Felly passes pills around to the class. Adelaine giggles and checks her phone as she sits in a chair. Elle paints and checks outs KayKay’s boyfriend, Dillon. Elle blows him a kiss and Dillon gives her the finger.

Alexander yawns while he holds his trombone. Jade winks at MAX. Elle flexes and kisses her muscles. Dillon smiles. Adelaine shows Emily a picture on her phone. Alexander plays his saxophone.

The walls change to maroon and orange as MAX paints. His canvas bends and moves. Emily throws blue paint at Jade.

Elle leaves class with her arms around KayKay and Dillon. Felly and Adelaine leave together. MAX winks as he walks out with Emily. Alexander takes a breath and continues to play the saxophone. Joel shows his portrait to the teacher. Ryan pets the lizard.

Rating: 1/5

MAX gives a vacant stare as the art teacher describes shading and texture. He looks at his painting, which was stick figure with enlarged body parts. He wasn’t going to pass the class. At least Emily was hot. She was the only reason he hadn’t dropped the class.

The art teacher compliments Emily on the portrait of Jade and says she has accurately captured the subject. Adelaine, her friend and Felly’s girlfriend, whispers to her that she was get the crazy in Jade’s eyes. Emily laughs. Adelaine passes her a pill and says to share with everyone. Emily says Felly has perfected the formula. Adelaine it’s free. However, the next dose is going to cost. Emily says she’ll mention it to MAX.

The pill takes effect as MAX paints. His painting becomes abstract. Emily calls her a name and throws paint at her. Jade calls for the teacher to make them stop. Adelaine says she’s not here. Jade puts on her clothes and says they are trash. She says she’s going to let teacher know she was harassed and they are going to fail. The class laughs at her.

Director: Jade Ehlers & MAX Year: 2019


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