Video Review: Wild Orchid “Supernatural”

Stacy, Renee and Stefanie park their car at the beach. Stacy closes the trunk. They run in the field and dance on the sand with other people. In a 60s era film reel, they play handclap games on the beach. Two young men stare at them.

Stacy, Renee and Stefanie sit on a moving platform on the beach.

In the film reel, Stefanie and Renee smile as they stand by a surfboard. Stefanie swings a hula hoop around her hips.

Lit in royal blue, they walk in silhouette as a young man watches them through his telescope. Wearing black outfits, they shake their hair against the royal blue background.

They dance in a club. Frosted crystals and umbrellas sit on the floor.

Rating: 3/5

Stefanie takes pictures with the camera. Stacy does the twist on the beach. Renee passes out drinks to everyone. Stacy sits on the blanket and sips some lemonade. Renee says their party is going well. Stacy points to a young man and says she has an admirer. Renee blushes and says she can’t. She and her boyfriend have been going steady for two years now. Stacy says it’s modern times and she can flirt if she wants. Stefanie gasps and tells her that society has changed so much within the last few years. Stacy comments that perhaps a change is needed.

Stacy shakes her head. She was born in the wrong generation. She wishes it could be the late 90s. Society would’ve progressed by then. She wouldn’t be expected to be proper and shamed for wanting to flirt. Her parents were divorced. Her father had an affair and her mother was barely able to hold it together. She didn’t want to be like her parents.

Stefanie dances with her boyfriend and hands him some water. She thinks Stacy had a point. Her boyfriend asked her marry to him. She told him yes. Her parents were ecstatic, saying they didn’t have to pay for her college. She really wanted to go to college. Becoming a mother in a year or so was overwhelming. There was so much she wanted to do. She thinks of her granddaughter growing up in the 90s with Yale posters in her bedroom. Stacy calls out to her to dance with her. Stefanie tells her boyfriend she can’t get him a sandwich and walks over to Stacy.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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