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An animated 12-year-old girl rows her boat in the ocean. Her lamp provides her some light while the moon hangs above her.

The waves push her upwards. She turns towards the sky and sees the buildings in her neighborhood bounce by her. The lights flash and she covers her eyes. The buildings disappear as she sits in her boat. Looking into the ocean, she sees a kite and picks it up. She flies the kite and it helps her to move. It slips out her hands and she looks down.

A bird flies to her boat. She reaches to touch it but it flies away. The raindrops land on her hand as she stands up. Walking to the edge, she holds her lamp and sees the boat flooding. She trips and falls into the bottom of the ocean. A shark swims underneath her. She sits on its head swims to the surface.

The shark moves its fins in the sky while she continues to ride it. She sees the bird fly again. The shark breaks apart. She falls from the sky and holds onto the string of the kite. She sleeps in her boat. In the morning, her father waits for her and gives her his hand.

Rating: 5/5

The oars were gone. With her lamp, she saw them floating away. A kite gave her hope that she could make it back home. She couldn’t give up. The kite was only able to move her a little bit. There had to be another way. She stands on the boat, searching for things in the sea. The boat filling up with water, though, scared her.

As she floated in the sea, she accepted she may die. The fish had their own routines. She wanted to call to them as they dispersed. They knew something was on the attack. The shark, though,saved her. She petted its head and rested her head. But it couldn’t survive long out of the water. It sacrificed its life for her.

While she slept, she dreamed of her home and her parents. It may be the last time she sees it again. She wakes up to see her father holding out his hand. Throwing her arms around him, she smiles as she hugs him. Her father says she’s okay now and someone saw her last night. A rescue boat went out to the sea and brought her home. She says she’s so hungry. Her father says he’ll get her some breakfast. She says she wants waffles with whipped cream. Her father tells her he’ll make it for her.

Director: Åsa Lucander Year: 2019

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