Video Review: Xscape “Tonight”

At night, Tamika, Tiny, LaTocha and Kandi stand under the awning of the Mitchell St. Hotel. Tamika steps into the rain and looks at the sky. Inside the hotel, the clerk checks the time for a fiftysomething man.

As they sing, a young man plays the cello. A twentysomething couple walk underneath a umbrella. A twentysomething man talks on the payphone. Several people walk fast, holding their umbrellas.

LaTocha raises her arms as she sees the sunny sky. Tamika, Tiny and Kandi follow behind her as they walk.

Rating: 2/5

It wasn’t supposed to rain. Tiny says she’s not going out in it. Tamika comments that she likes the rain. LaTocha puts her hands on her arms and shivers. Kandi checks her watch and sighs. The hotel clerk asks if they want to come inside for a bit. LaTocha says yes and she needs to warm up. Tamika, Tiny and Kandi respond that they are fine. LaTocha thanks the clerk for the coffee as she sits in a chair.

Tamika mentions that the sky is clearing up. Kandi says she’s going to check on LaTocha. Tiny crosses her arms and says it’s been such a lousy day. Tamika says he’ll call. Tiny shakes her head and says it’s been a week. He would’ve called already.

LaTocha says there is still time for the movie. Tiny says she’s had enough for the day. LaTocha puts her arm around her and says the movie will take her mind off things. Kandi says she’s only going to stay by the phone at home anyway. Tamika does a dance on the sidewalk and pulls a sulking Tiny to her. LaTocha bumps her hips against Tiny’s. Tiny shakes her hips and smiles. Kandi waves at a young man as they walk together. Tamika pulls a bottle of wine from her purse and says she provided beverages. LaTocha says she brought her own cup as they cross the street. Tiny says she may drink the bottle by herself. Tamika says she brought another just in case. She closes her bag as they walk into the movie theater.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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