Video Review: Carrie Underwood “Drinking Alone”

Wearing a beaded blouse with sheer sleeves and black sheer pants, she sings on stage at a lounge. People talk as they sit at the tables.

She sips a drink as she sits at a table. She watches a young man, with his hands in his pockets, walks into lounge. He orders a drink at the bar  and looks at her as he walks to a table. She runs her hand over the top of the glass as she sits at the table.

While she performs, she looks at him. He tips his glass to her as he takes a drink.

A server walks over to a table. Wearing an ivory dress, she sits next to him. He pours a drink and she clinks her glass with his.

He plays with his lighter as he sits by himself. He puts his hand over the flame. She looks of her with the young man together. She flicks open the lighter as she sits at the table. He leaves the lounge.

People hold up their drink as she performs.

Putting on her hat, she leaves the lounge. The photo burns on the table.

Rating: 3/5

Carrie Underwood locks eyes with the young man as she sings. She turns to her cellist to compose herself. Her cellist notices the young man and takes a breath. As she sings, she thinks of what she wants to say to him. She’s been waiting for him to come back to the lounge again.

The young man continues to stare at her. As she talks with the audience, he leaves. She races to his seat and tells the busboy not to clean it yet. On the table, she sees the burned photo of them together. He was there for a last goodbye. She puts the photo in her pocket and orders two shots. The server brings them and she downs them. She prefers not to think about anything at all. He was there and couldn’t say anything to her. She puts her hand on her forehead and sips her drink.

Her cellist sits next to her and gestures to cut her off. She shows him the photo and asks him what it could mean. He says he isn’t sure. However, he wanted to see her. She says she almost it while she was singing. He says he could see it her eyes. She says she wanted to drop the microphone and kiss him. He kisses her on the forehead and tells her they’ll figure it out. He helps her up and says he should get her home. She says she has get her keys. He says he got them a ride. She puts her arms around him and calls him a good friend. He tells her “no problem” and waves goodbye to the bartender as they walk out.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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