Video Review: French Montana, Blueface & Lil Tjay “Slide”

In a warehouse, Blueface, wearing a skull mask, blows violet smoke. Lil Tjay, also wearing a skull mask, waves royal blue and yellow smoke.

A young man, wearing a skull mask decorated with flowers, waves orange smoke. A car bounces up and down. Lil Tiay runs an umbrella on the ground. Montana, wearing a mask with a top hat, dances with Blueface and Lil Tjay.

A group of young women, wearing black bra tops and blue pants, dance by two cars. Two young women, wearing masks, dance in the hallway. A young man breathes fire.

Montana checks his phone and films a video for Tik Tok. Blueface holds some of his money.

The young women, wearing skull masks, continue to dance.

Rating: 4.5/5

French Montana brings his cousin’s beer and places it by his car. Blueface puts a headband for his niece on his car. Lil Tiay puts a pack of cigarettes on his car to honor his friend. Montana says they are still loved and living in their hearts. They were taken too soon.

A group of women, wearing skull masks, perform a dance.

Blueface explains to one of the young women that he has money to spare. Montana eats some soup as he sits by his car. Lil Tjay takes a handful of chocolate. Blueface and Lil Tijay get into Montana’s car. The young women follow them in the other cars. They drive to the cemetery. Lil Tiay tells a story about how he and his friend had skipped school and drove to Vegas. Montana laughs as Lil Tjay explains how they got kicked out of the casinos. Montana

They watch a parade. Montana grabs some candy and shares it with Lil Tjay and Blueface. Blueface passes around some cake. Montana dances during a street party while Blueface performs on stage. Lil Tjay looks at the altars. Montana calls a car at about 2 a.m. Blueface and Lil Tjay fall asleep in the car as Montana looks out the window.

Directors: Spliff TV & French Montana Year: 2019

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