Video Review: Mariah Carey “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Snow falls on the tree. A tree, strung with red lights, stands somewhere in the city. Mariah Carey hangs a red bulb on the Christmas tree. A frosted white ornament hangs on a branch. She holds up a bunny as she sits by the tree.

Wearing a red sweatshirt and pants, she throws some snow in the air.

She shakes a present.

In the backyard, she rides a snowboard down on a hill. She runs to her husband (Tommy Mottola), dressed as Santa Claus and sits on his lap. Her dog wag its tail. She hugs her husband. Her husband lifts her up and they fall in the snow. Her husband stands in the chimney, carrying presents. She rides a snowmobile.

She opens a tree and holds two bunnies in her hands. Her second dog sniffs around the tree and knocks over presents. Her second dog jumps in the air and gives her kisses. She hangs a star on top of another tree. She blows kisses and cuddles a stuffed animal in her arms.

Wearing an off-the-shoulder red dress, she dances in the snow with her nieces and nephews. She continues to dance by a sleigh. She feeds one of the deer.

Wearing a red sweater and jeans, she jumps out of the chimney. Her dog runs through the path of snow.

She pets one of the deer.

She blows a kiss while riding in the back of the snowmobile. She waves at her husband while he walks away.

Rating: 4/5

Mariah Carey rolls the dough as she makes the cookies. Her nieces and nephews pick out the shapes. Her nephew says he wants M&M’s in his cookies. Her niece slumps in her chair and says she wanted sprinkles. Carey checks the cabinet and says she found the sprinkles. Her niece’s face lights up. She spreads the dough and tells the kids to create their cookies. One of her nephews asks if they’ll be done before Santa gets there. She says Santa will be able to get some.

As the cookies bake, she and kids play outside. She points to the sleigh and says Santa is coming. They jump up and down. She kisses her husband, Santa on the lips and asks if he has anything for her. Santa hands her a small box. She tells them to go inside and Santa will deliver their presents.

She sits with her husband on the couch. The kids smile and tear open their gifts. One of her nieces asks if she has any batteries. Santa says he’ll get it for her. He must’ve forgotten it. She opens the presents for her dogs and gives them their treats.

She and her sister-in-law gather the kids for bed. Her nephew says he wants to wait for Santa. Her sister-in-law says Santa will be afraid to wake up if he stays there. Her niece tugs at Carey’s sleeve and says they have to put out the cookies. She takes her niece to the kitchen and lets her pick out the cookies. She asks if she can have one more cookie. Carey nods and says she can. Her niece says she hopes Santa brings her a puppy this year. Carey says she thinks Santa considered it but she won’t find out until morning. Her niece gives a kiss and tells her good night. Carey tells her good night. Her husband walks into the kitchen and takes off his beard. He takes a bite of the cookie and drinks some egg nog. Carey dips her cookie in milk and wishes him a Merry Christmas.

Director: Mariah Carey Year: 1993

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