Video Review: blackbear “Hot Girl Bummer (Version 2)”

blackbear sits on a couch with two young men, wearing masks over their mouths as they play video games on a handheld.

Against a black background, a third young men wears an seaweed green mask. A second young woman stares.

Lit in Parisian blue, blackbear sits in his car. Against the black background, all the people stand together.

blackbear raps inside a cage. As a giant, he sits on top of a skyscraper. blackbear, blended with violet and orange paint, looks up.

A seventysomething man bites on his toothpick while a twentysomething woman avoids his gaze while she sits next to him.

blackbear dances in the living room. A third young woman sits on a couch, wearing a runway dress.

Against a black background, he holds a yellow pill in his hand. He dances against swirling colors. He flicks the pill in his hand. The people fall into the darkness.

Lit in Parisian blue, he talks on his cell phone while in his car. As a giant, he sits on an expensive car. He gets out of his cage. He sits in a chair while his wall, which resembles his cell phone, rotates colors.

He continues to sit on top of the skyscraper.

Rating: 3/5

blackbear reads a magazine as he sits in his accountant’s office. His accountant walks into the hallway and shakes his hand. He directs him to his office. In his office, his accountant says he is good financial shape. However, he may want consider investing. He hands him a business card for a financial adviser. blackbear bumps into a person, on their phone, while walking out the building.

He turns the key in the door of his mansion. His friends, wearing designer clothes, say hello to him. They text on their cell phones. He says they have a party to go tonight. His friend pulls out a vial and snorts. blackbear takes it from him and says it’s not allowed in the house. His friend proclaims that he’s not fun anymore. blackbear says he doesn’t need it.

At the party, he sips his drink and watches his friends do drugs with a group of people. They were too far gone. A model, wearing a designer dress, approaches him and says she’s over the party. He says he’d like to go away for a little while. While they kiss, he struggles with her dress and tears the zipper. She giggles and says she can always get another Valentino.

He returns to the party and sees seventysomething men ogling the twentysomething models. The twentysomething models talk but maintain a distance from them. blackbear finds his friends and says they have to go home. He helps his friends to the car and takes them home.

Director: Adam Powell Year: 2019

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