Video Review: Camila Cabello “Living Proof”

Camila Cabello lies in a field of yellow and blue flowers.

Wearing a seafoam green dress, she lies in the lake.

Among the rose pink trees, she and a young man cuddle one another on the grass.

She stands in the center of the circle as several young women, wearing azure dresses, dance on the hill.

As the sun sets, she dances with the young man.

She touches her face as she sits on a grass throne. He kneels before her.

Two young women perform a dance routine with white powder.

The young women, wearing azure dresses, leap on the hill.

She continues to lie on the grass.

Rating: 4/5

Hundreds of men had fallen for Camila Cabello. However, the young man made her want to be human again. He had somehow crossed into their realm by accident. But he says he doesn’t want to go back to his world. She has told him he has to return. Her powers won’t allow to break the natural order. He’s a human and belongs with them. She explains theirs is a secret and fragile world. No one can know. Once he leaves, he will have forgotten her.

She makes love to him. While she strokes her back, he tells her about the human world. She says so much has changed. He asks her how she become a fairy. She explains she wandered into the forest, late at the night. Men had been following her. The fairies had made some light from her and saved her. They allowed her to enter and she could never betray them. They are her people. She says her human life is over.

He says it was a century ago. She could start over with him. Cabello glances over her shoulder at the fairies dancing. They were granting wishes and performing spells. She turns to him. He was the love of her life, the one she never had. She tells him yes.

As they leave the realm, her powers dull and she becomes human. She covers her ears over the noise of the cars. He tells her she’ll be fine and takes her hand. She sneezes and coughs, looking down at the sidewalk. It was not the world she knew.

Director: Alan Ferguson Year: 2019

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