Video Review: Justin Timberlake “Cry Me A River”

Rain pours into a pool and on the hood of a car. Through the passenger side window, Justin Timberlake watches a young woman walk out of her home with a young man. They get into his car and leave. He rolls down his window. Timbaland glances at him while a second young woman waits in the backseat.

As the headlights blink, he stands by the car and walks towards to her house. He picks up a rock and breaks the window. It shatters and he walks inside. He finds an angel figurine and uses it as a doorstop. Leaping over the stairs, he lands into the family room. He slides on the counter and jumps from table to table.

In the car, Timbaland leans back in his seat as the second young woman gets out of the car.

He kicks a framed photo of them off the table. In the bedroom, he picks up a video camera. The second young woman walks in and takes off her top as he fiddles with the video camera on the bed. He films them kissing on the bed.

Timbaland watches the young woman return back home with young man. The garage door opens as Timberlake and the second young woman leave. Hiding by the wall, he watches the young woman walk into her home. While she talks on her cell phone, he follows her. He watches her undress in the bedroom. As she takes off her towel and turns on the showerhead, he places his hands on the glass and gazes at her. She turns around and walks out of the shower. She puts the towel around her body and sees the video of him kissing the second young woman on the television.

Rating: 3/5

The second young woman sighs and says she’s done. Justin Timberlake buttons his shirt and shrugs. The second young woman shakes her head and says she sees why his ex-girlfriend left him for someone else. Timberlake stands up and gets in her face. He tells her to take it back. She scoffs and tells him he has some serious issues.

He gets his keys and drives to his ex-girlfriend’s house. She was still dating the second young man. His car was in the driveway. He thought she would’ve been bored of him by now. Her new boyfriend, though, wasn’t anyone. Her continued interest in the new boyfriend puzzled him. He peels off, not caring if they realized he was there or not.

His cell phone rings. He checks it and sees its the young woman. He excuses himself from his friends and asks her how she’s doing. She asks him to stop coming by the house. It’s the fourth time already. She doesn’t want to call the police. However, if he does it again, she will. He says he’s not doing anything wrong. She says she changed the locks and tells him to move on. He says he has and was dating the second young woman in the video. He’s been seeing lots of women since he dumped her. She tells him to let her go. He hangs up on her and leans against the wall. Rubbing his hands over his face, he looks at the wooden floor of the bar and watches the people talk at the bar. He puts his phone in his pocket and nods at a third young woman as he walks back to his friends.

 Director: Francis Lawrence Year: 2002

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