Video Review: Another Bad Creation “Iesha”

A sixtysomething woman fans herself as she rocks in her chair and watches cartoons. She walks to the window, pointing her finger at the RoRo, Red, Mark, Chris, David’s race on the sidewalk.

They dance at the skating rink. They play under the fire escape of the apartment building. They ride their dune buggies on the sidewalk. They dance in a warehouse. In black-and-white, they continue the routine on the sidewalk.

Iesha smiles as she passes Mark in the playground. Chris takes off his hat and holds his hand. They talk to her as they play on the swing set. G.A. talks to a news reporter by the playground. Filmed with a beige filter, they pose for a photo by a barbershop.

Chris and Iesha play video games at her house. Her mom taps her on the shoulder. Iesha walks by them as they race their dune buggies.

Chris puts his notebook on the the sidewalk. He holds a large lollipop and rings Iesha’s doorbell. Iesha answers the door. He hands her the lollipop and notebook.

Red talks to A.G. They run into the car. People scream and follow the car as it drives off.

Rating: 2/5

Iesha writes to Chris in their senior yearbook, that he was the sweetest guy she ever knew and cherishes every memory she had with him. She continues that they had some ups and downs but are still the best of friends. She hands him his yearbook in class. Chris had been freaking out during most of his classes on what to say to her. She was the love of his life. They had a short relationship in elementary school, which lasted only a month. They had remained friends over the years. However, he hadn’t gotten the nerve to ask her out. Iesha, though, was one of the most popular girls in class. She had been dating the same guy for a few years. No one had a chance.

After class, he asks her if they remember when they dated way back when. Iesha laughs and says her mom wasn’t ready for any boys to come over to the house. She says they hadn’t lost contact for a while. He says he was trying to keep his group of friends together. However, Mark, Red and David found new friends. Iesha says it happened to her, too. He asks if she wants to hang out with him sometime. She says they could go to lunch and go to McDonald’s like old times. He smiles and says he misses those days. Iesha asks if she can bring her boyfriend along. Chris replies, “fine,” She waves bye to him. He leans against the wall and stares at the floor while the bell rings.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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