Video Review: Meduza, Becky Hill, and Goodboys “Lose Control”

In Burja al Babas, Turkey, A young man and pink-haired young woman ride on a motorcycle past the row of villas. A second man sits in the backseat of a taxi as it follows behind.

The young man, the pink-haired young woman and several people sit on the steps of an unfinished castle. The driver does donuts on the road. The second young man sits on pink-haired young woman’s lap as they sit on a bench.

The pink-haired young woman dances in a commons area.

At night, a third young man stands by a burning couch on the road.

Three young women lean against the car. The second young man rides a horse.

With fires burning in garbage cans, the pink-haired young woman dances with the second young man. She raises a sparkler, lighting the area candy red.

The couch continues to burn.

Rating: 5/5

The pink-haired young woman has never been so free. Among the villas and castles, she could be anyone. She points to one across the street and tells the second young man that is the one they will move into someday. He says they’ll drink champagne as they sit in the movie theater and order dinner as they watch. As she strokes his hair, she says they’ll visit the museum the next day. Sitting on the steps of the castles, it’ll be the only taste of the opulent life they’ll get.

A third young man burns a couch. He found it one of the abandoned castles. His friend says the couch was disposable as they lived in a failed home. The third young man puts his hands on his hips and says he expected to be intimidated and resentful of the area. Instead, he’s curious about the previous owner of the couch. The area was unreachable for even them.

A fourth young man and several of his friends place the garbage cans in the road. The pink-haired young woman says there are no police around. It doesn’t matter. She lights the garbage can on fire. A fifth young man gets some food out of his truck and starts heating over the fire. The pink-haired young woman walks over to help him. The third young man helps to distribute the food among the people. While she bites into her food, she sits with the second young man and says it’s a beautiful place to live.

Director: Grandmas Year: 2019


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