Video Review: Fredo “Netflix and Chill”

Fredo stands in the kitchen, eating out of a carryout carton. He sits on a bench with the containers of punch beside him. Across from him, his friends stand in line, picking their food over the buffet trays.

He lights up his joint and exhales. He sits by the sound board in the studio. A friend of his shows him something on his phone and he laughs. He eats a chicken wing and talks with his friends.

Fredo raps into the microphone.

He picks up change on the floor and plays a game with his friends.

He continues to eat with his friends.

Rating: 2/5

Fredo scoops some ice cream into a carton and eats it. He checks his watch. There was about 20 minutes until lunch was over. His friend throws the plastic cups into the garbage. His nephew continues to talk on the phone, telling his friend about the studio.

Fredo sits by the sound board and adjusts the control. He tells his friends to listen. He had an idea. Walking into the booth, he records another verse. Taking off his headphones, he returns to the cafeteria and eats another ice cream. The manager asks him how it’s going. He says it’s good. They are running on time. The manager says the catering company will be getting the food in another hour. He waves hello to everyone and tells them they are creating another hit.

His friend says he can’t eat anymore. Fredo throws his plate away. His nephew taps him on the shoulder and says he wants to hear him rap. Fredo asks everyone if they are ready. Some of his friends nod and chew. He says he’s going to cut two more songs. One of his friends packs the hamburger into leftover cartons. Fredo puts some of the ice cream in the freezer. A second friend covers the food and wipes off the table. Fredo puts on his headphones and says he’s ready to go.

Directors: Kaylum and Troy Roscoe Year: 2019

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