Video Review: Michelle Branch “Breathe”

Michelle Branch plays her guitar as she walks barefoot in her house. A fish swims in the bowl. It crawls out of the bowl and walks on the floor.

The sun melts through the walls, creating holes. The telephone and amplifier bend and disintegrate. A seagull perches on one of the holes. Ocean water crashes into the home. The walls of the home fall down.

She and the band play on the beach. She tosses her guitar into the ocean and walks on the sand.

Rating: 2.5/5

Michelle Branch slams her pencil down on her desk and groans. She closes her laptop. The essay was still read like a first draft, even though she’d been working on it for three months. The deadline to turn it in was in one week. It was the fifth essay she had written already for scholarship. She had the paperwork for financial aid filled out. But she had still had to pick up some documents. There wasn’t enough time for anything.

She clocks in her at her part-time job. A fiftysomething man hits on her as she waits on him and gives her a present. She thanks him with a smile but says she can’t accept it. She tells the owner what happened. He says she did the right thing and not to worry if he complains. She takes out her pad and lets out a sigh of relief as she walks to her next table.

Her boyfriend cancels their plans, saying he forgot he was going out with his friends. She yells that he didn’t forget and already told them he was going. He calls her crazy. She says that he’s a prick. He says they’ll talk about it later when they both cool down. She hangs up the phone and cries in her room. They’ll talk but nothing will change.

In the kitchen, her mom asks her why her boyfriend hasn’t picked her up yet. Branch explains what happened. She tells they’ll work it out. Branch says he always does it, though. Her mother tells her she’s going to have to make a decision. Branch takes a sip from her soda and taps her fingers on the can. She asks her mom if she needs any help with dinner. Her mom asks her to take out the milk and butter.

Director: Marc Klasfeld Year: 2003

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