Video Review: Destiny’s Child “Independent Women, Pt 1”

A marquee sign at an office building reads Charlie’s Angels Boot Camp. In a conference room, televisions screens show Alex (Lucy Liu), Dylan (Drew Barrymore) and Natalie (Cameron Diaz). A picture of Kelly, Beyoncé and Michelle are next with the current Charlie’s Angels logo.

Kelly, Beyoncé  and Michelle sit at the head of the table while other women sit next to them. The first lesson, displayed on the screen, is agility. In a clip from the 2000 Charlie’s Angel,  film, Natalie dances on Soul Train,The women take notes.

They dance in on maroon and white tiled room,

In the second lesson, which is altitude, the women turn to the screen and watch a clip of Natalie, Dylan and Alex skydiving. They demonstrate hanging in the air in a golden room. During lesson three, which is combat, the women watch a video of Natalie, Dylan, and Alex kick Thin Man (Crispin Glover).

In a royal blue room, they demonstrate a successful fight and bow.

In the fourth lesson, which is speed, the women watch another clip of Natalie, Dylan and Alex driving race cars. An explosion occurs. Back in the conference room, they pose, forming the logo. They stand with their motorcycles and drive off in a tunnel.

They walk to the speaker as Charlie (John Forsyth) says “hello Angels.” They respond in unison with “hello Charlie.”

Rating: 4/5

A young woman raises her hand and asks Kelly if she’s ever experienced any drama with her co-workers. Kelly explains it won’t be tolerated. On the field, they have to rely on each other to stay alive and share information. If one of their co-workers switches sides, it damages the missions for everyone. Charlie has fired people for simply looking for out for themselves.

Beyoncé grades their tests and talks with each young women about their scores. During break, she tells Michelle and Kelly that they have a good group. However, she thinks two of them are going to have trouble when they learn combat. Michelle says they’ll get there and combat usually the hardest to master. Beyoncé says they may recommend for another division. Kelly says she thinks the women are afraid of one another. There is at least woman she wouldn’t trust. Michelle says they’ll have to wait until the young woman is further along in training.

Michelle orders lunch for their final training session. She says it was fun getting to know them and she’s available to talk to whenever they questions. Beyoncé tells them to not be afraid to ask. Kelly says they won’t get into trouble for asking. It’s important they learn. Michelle shares of a story of her first mission and how she blanked on her weapons. Kelly says it took her about four missions before she really felt comfortable. After lunch, they break into different classes. Michelle helps some women study for the final test. Kelly takes them out for a practice session. Beyoncé answers questions from the trainees.

Director: Francis Lawrence Year: 2000

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