Video Review: Regard “Ride It”

A young man taps his fingers on a file as he sits in his office. Papers hang on the wall. He stares at his clock and sees it’s almost midnight. Walking with his hands in his pockets of his jacket, he leaves the office, passing a parked car. The headlights turn on and turn to follow the young man.

The prostitutes smoke and open their jackets as they stand on the curb. The car stops at a hotel, where the young man walks inside.

Lit in candy apple red, two young women kiss and make out on the bed. Wearing a red wig, the young man smokes as he watches them. He sits between them and licks one of the woman’s faces. He starts to dance by the bed and walks out.

The car follows him as he stands on the the sidewalk. He watches a second young man get beaten by a group of men across the street. A third young man pays a fourth young man for drugs. He runs and puts one of the men against the hood of a car. He handcuffs him and steals his drugs.

Lit in candy apple red, he dances in a bar and at the strip club. He takes a drink off the table. The bouncer prepares to kick him out. However, the owner holds out his hand, indicating that he can stay. The car continues to follow as he rides a bicycle in the street.

Rating: 4/5

The murderer had been somewhere in the club. The young man leafs through his notes and scratches his head. His memories were fuzzy from the weekend. The young woman had been spotted there last, leaving her shift. As he danced, he believed he saw a matching description of the man who was seen around the night of the murder.

The two young women knew something they weren’t telling. He had been talking with them for awhile and they were opening up to him. However, after he started dancing during sex, they haven’t contacted him. It was something he thought they would be into. He tries sending them another text and hopes for an answer.

His boss asks him he has any leads. He says he has an idea of who it might be. However, he adds, he needs more time. His boss tells him he has one more month and then he is ending the investigation. The young man looks at the photo of the woman. She had been 21 years old, looking to make some money. Her parents didn’t even know she was working at a strip club. They thought she was at school. Her parents deserved to have some closure.

Director: Meji Alabi Year: 2019


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