Video Review: Riton, Oliver Heldens & Vula “Turn Me On”

Dr. Love looks over a patient’s file as he walks down the hallway with his nurses and associate.

In a commercial, Dr. Love advertises his love serum.

The receptionist talks on the phone with her heels resting on the desk. Dr. Love creates the potion in the laboratory. The assistant brings him some test tubes.

A young man walks into the office and the receptionist hands him some paperwork. Dr. Love sees a pink heart form under the microscope.

The nurses dance in the hallway.

A second young woman walks into the office and sits in the waiting room. She holds onto a heart pillow. One of the doctors calls the young man. Dr. Love smiles at him. The young woman goes in next. The nurse brings the tray of heart pills. The young woman puts a heart pill on her tongue. The young man screams as he sees a shape of a heart throbbing in his chest. Dr. Love operates on a fortysomething man. Red hearts form in the young woman’s eyes.

As the lights flash in the operating room, Dr. Love dances with his nurses.

The young man, wearing glasses, stands with two nurses in the infomercial. A nurse strokes the fortysomething man’s beard. The second young woman pulls on her necklace and blows a kiss. Dr. Love grins in the infomercial.

Rating: 4/5

The fiftysomething moderator of the talk show swoons over Dr. Love. The twentysomething blonde-haired co-host asks them how the process works. Dr. Love explains that the serum allows people to build confidence and gives them the ability to talk to their crush. The thirtysomething brunette haired co-host says she’s going to sign up after the show. The fiftysomething what led to the serum. He says he was trying to help a friend of his. His friend had been single for a long time and couldn’t approach women. He then begin testing chemicals. It took 7 years to get approved and he has had many successful cases.

Online, he addresses doctors who say he tell him he’s selling snake oil. He answers with responses from his studies. Some of his past patients chime in and say that the before and after photos are true. He directs messages reporters to set up interviews.

Back at his office, his receptionist informs him that the phones have been ringing off the hook. She says she can’t keep up. He says he’ll hire some help for her. In the first room, he talks with his first patient of the day. She says she almost talked to her crush the other day. But she thinks she isn’t good enough. He recommends the serum treatment. In the afternoon, he performs an emergency surgery on a male patient who can’t love. The male patient wakes up and asks him when he’ll start feeling again. Dr. Love tells him his heart needs to heal first. Once it’s healed, he’ll able to fall for someone within a month or so. He schedules a follow-up appointment. At his desk, he takes some of the serum. He hasn’t been able to have a long-term relationship in his life. He’d like to share his accomplishments with a wife by his side.

Director: Elliott Simpson Year: 2019


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