Video Review: Total “Sitting Home”

Pam scoffs as her boyfriend says to her, “I don’t know why it’s so hard for you to hang up a towel in the bathroom when you’re done with it.” She points to the bathroom and tells “Yours right is next to mine. What are you talking about?” He responds with “whatever. Just hang both of them up. It ain’t like you do nothin’ else.” She follows him down the stairs. He tells her to “get a job, ok? You sit around and putting everything on a credit card. But I ask you to hang a towel up and there’s a problem with that, right?” Pam says, “now you’re trying to tell me what to do.” He throws his hands up and says, “Every time I have something to say to you, you always have to talk back. Check this out, when I get home from work, I want you gone.” Pam says, “You want me out?” He shouts “yeah! Out! I don’t stutter.” Pam says to herself, “You don’t stutter, huh? You want me out, I’ll get out.”

Pam sits on the stairs. Her boyfriend takes a car to work.

Kima, Keisha and some mutual friends walk into her home. They dance.

Kima sits on a bench in the walk-in closet. Keisha puts a dress shirt against her boyfriend’s chest. She gives him a box.

Keisha, Kima and Pam sit on the couch while three young men dance by them.

Pam’s boyfriend returns to an empty home. He calls her saying, “Pam, when I said get out, I think you took it out of context. I did not mean it in the literal sense. Pam! Pam!” He laughs as he looks around and then falls to his knees, crying.

Rating: 3/5

Pam packs up boxes of clothes and puts them in Keisha’s trunk. Keisha says it was the last of them. Pam tells her to drop them off at the charity shops. Kima asks her what she should do about the fax machine in his office. Pam points to the office furniture pile and says one of her friends is going to come over to take it. Keisha tells her she’s proud of her. Pam shakes her head and says it took her too long to get it.

Her boyfriend used to introduce her as a singer. She explained that she worked at a record label, singing background labels and hoping to get a deal someday. He’d pat her on the back and say she’s too good to be a session singer. He was okay with her singing until a male friend of hers came over. The male friend was a well-known singer. The male friend had mentioned had taking her on tour with him. Her boyfriend had grinned and replied with a muted “wow.” After her male friend left, her boyfriend asked her if they were sleeping together.

She didn’t know what to do anymore. He accused her of spending all their money and not doing her fair share. She had told him that there were nights she didn’t know where he was. Although she had her suspicions. He responded that there was nothing going on with his secretary. A week later, his secretary quits and he asks her to fill in for awhile.

The male singer comes over and says he was able to get rid of the clothes. He takes her aside and apologizes for causing them trouble. She says it wasn’t him. He asks if it means she’ll be going on tour with him. She smiles and tells him to send over the contract.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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