Video Review: Kanye West “Closed On Sunday”

In Wyoming, a caravan of ATVS drive on the road. Kanye West sits with his wife, Kim Kardashian West and their children in a crack of the rock. They walk on a mountain.

The people stop their ATVS. Kris Jenner gets out of the ATV with Kanye. A black ATV does donuts. He and his extended family stand together.

Kanye stands on a mountain and kneels.

The choir sings as he stands in the center of the desert.

North screams “Chick-fil-A!

Rating: 2.5/5

North West asks when they can eat. Her mother, Kim Kardashian West says once they get back to the house. However, right now they are spending time together by themselves. North says she wants Chick-fil-A like daddy’s song. Kanye West says they aren’t any in the area and he’ll have the chef make some like it for her. Kanye points to the rock and tells them they can sit there. Their kids fall asleep. Kim gazes at her husband. Kanye watches his children sleep. After napping for a half hour, they take a walk. North talks about school. Kim whispers to Kanye how he’s feeling. Kanye shrugs and says he’s fine.

Back at the house, his children run to play with their cousins. Kris Jenner says the ranch is lovely and asks for a tour. Kim says she’ll show her around. Kanye talks with his father. His father talks with Kanye’s in-laws. North calls out “Grandpa!” and gives him a hug. His father holds North’s hand and walks with her inside the house.

Kanye assembles the choir and minister. He announces to his family that the service has begun and to take their seats. Kanye nods as he listens to the sermon. As the choir performs, Kanye gets up and inserts some rap verses into the hymn. Kris Jenner looks at Kim and pats her hand.

Director: Jake Schreier Year: 2019

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