Video Review: Laura Branigan “The Lucky One”

A car turns into the gas station and parks at the pump. The thirtysomething man gets out of his car and waits. The fortysomething man notices the customer as his girlfriend plays with his hair. The fortysomething man and his girlfriend step out of the station and search for the clerk.

In the break room, Laura Branigan reads “How To Be Rich.” He and his girlfriend walk into the break room. He tells her to help the customer. As she places the nozzle into the car, she leans against the pump, daydreaming. As another car drives by, she smiles.

The car turns into the driveway of a mansion. She watches the butler carry the tray and open the door for her. The maid’s eyes widen as she watches Branigan pinch the butler’s cheeks. In the backyard, the maid teaches Branigan how to walk. Branigan places the books on her head and copies the maid. The maid jumps as Branigan trips.

The thirtysomething man and his friend ride horses. The maid and butler chase her as she runs to the horse. She rides the horse and stares at the thirtysomething man while the maid shoves a shoe on her foot. The butler teaches her how to play croquet. During her turn, she sends the ball into the lake.

She and the thirtysomething drink wine as they stand on the balcony. The maid interrupts them as she tries to kiss him.

She sits on a chair, waiting for the next customer. While she looks at an engine of a car, a second thirtysomething man pulls up to the pump. The fortysomething man and his girlfriend tell her to get back to work. She leans against the car and turns on the hose.

While she has dinner with the second thirtysomething man, the maid trips and falls into the water. The thirtysomething man says “what?” as the water splashes them. Back at the gas station, the second thirtysomething wipes his wet face with his tie. She gasps.

Rating: 5/5

Laura Branigan turns in her gown. The tailor asks her about the fit. She puts her hand on her stomach and says it’s comfortable. Her husband, the second thirtysomething man, mentions trimming the length of the dress. She says she can lift it up. The tailor says they have no problem fixing it. Her husband asks when the gown will be finished. The tailor says in about a week. Her husband asks if it can be done sooner. The tailor says she’ll make it a rush. He says thank you.

She talks to the maid about her weekend. Her maid says she plans to go to a concert after work. Branigan tells her she can leave early and says she may see her there. The maid says she’ll look for her. She carries her coffee cup and coaster to the family room. Her husband asks the maid if she could bring a blanket. The maid says she’ll get one. As the maid places the blanket over his lap, she rests her head on his shoulder. She was fortunate to have the life she has now. A decade ago, she was working at the gas station.

Her manager, the fortysomething man had fired her at the gas station. However, he had tried to save her job but her manager wouldn’t budge. He gave her business card and told her to call him once she got off work. She called him the next day and arranged an interview at his office. He had given her a job as an executive assistant. They married within two years. He assured she won’t have to go back to the gas station again. However, she read articles about their company and followed the stock market. She had talked to their financial advisor to make sure they were in good shape.

Director: Michael Hedman Year: 1984

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