Video Review: Tones and I “Johnny Run Away”

In black-and-white, a van is parked in front of the W Lane store. Several young women walk together pass the stores. Two 10-year-old kids play their instruments outside of a store. Tones & I closes back of the van. She sets up a sign stating that her CDs are on sale for $10. Her keyboards stand to the side of the store.

A crowd gathers at the store as she performs. They film her on their phones. The young women cross the street and stop to listen to her. She talks with a few fans and drives the van,

She clinks her beer with a friend. While on a boat, she gives the finger to her friend filming.

She parks the van at another venue. People dance as she plays at an outdoor festival.

She walks with a friend past a mural. In the studio, she puts on headphones and plays the keyboard.

At a photo shoot, she spins a basketball on her finger and picks up the phone.

Rating: 2/5

Tones and I counts up the cash from the CDs. She pumps her fist and tells her friend that she’s going to shop at W. Lane’s. The clerks compliment her on her show. She thanks them and asks where she can find some t-shirts. While looking through the racks, she shakes her head at the prices. at A manager asks if she was able to get everything set up okay. She asks the manager about the cost of the t-shirt. He says, that unfortunately, it isn’t on sale. She says it was on sale last week and that she couldn’t make it out here. He rings it up for her at the sale price.

As she rides on the boat with her friend, she drinks beer and lets out a loud burp. Her friend’s girlfriend glares at her. She smirks at her and tilts her head, asking her if she had a problem. Her friend’s girlfriend says there’s nothing wrong. She sits in the corner, rests her leg on the railing and turns her head to the side. She was so tired of people.

At the studio, the producer asks for another take. She nods and performs again. Hands at her sides, she waits for the producer. The producer tells her they are going to move on to the next section. Tones and I glances at the clock. The session was supposed to be over an hour ago. She grins at the producer and puts on her headphones.

Director: Luke Dunning Year: 2019

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