Video Review: Tweet “Call Me”

A hummingbird flies around the bedroom. Tweet lies with her the covers over her body as she sleeps next to her boyfriend.

Against a neutral toned background, Tweet, wearing white pants and a charcoal sleeveless top, performs a dance routine with several women.

Tweet sits up in bed and smiles as the hummingbird flies by her. She gets out of bed.

She opens the door of the family room, wearing a see-through black shirt and shorts and dances. Her boyfriend shaves in the bathroom. She picks up her cell phone and sees a call from an unknown number.

The cab driver switches his light on. She gets in the taxi. While at the club, her second boyfriend calls her at the club. The cab driver drops her off at the club.

She sits on a black couch at the club. Lit in Parisian blue, she searches for him in the club. He leans against the pole, holding his phone as a young woman presses a button on the jukebox. She talks to him as she sits on the black couch. He walks towards her and sits next to her. She takes off his glasses and leans in to kiss him.

Rating: 4/5

Tweet tiptoes to the bathroom and changes into a dress. As she puts on her makeup, she listens to her boyfriend snoring. She closes the door and puts on her high heels on the porch. While sitting on the steps, she talks to her second boyfriend on her cell phone. He says he’s at the club. She says she’ll be there in about a half an hour and gets in the taxi.

She really wanted to meet her second boyfriend at his home and make love to him. However, she didn’t much of a choice. Her second boyfriend could do whatever he wanted. He wasn’t the type to wait around. She calls him once she’s at the club and asks him where he is. He says he’s by the pole. She says she can’t see him and mentions she’s sitting on the couch. He says he’ll find her instead. She apologizes for getting frustrated as he sits with her. He says he understands. They only had 2 hours, at the most. She didn’t want to waste time looking for him.

He tells her to stop checking her phone. She says it’s almost time for her to go. He says they have to figure out something. She puts her hand on her head and says she wishes things were simple. Placing on a hand on her shoulder, he tells her the cab is waiting for her and that he’ll call her. She nods and gazes at him while she walks to the cab.

Director: Chris Robinson Year: 2002

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